Monday, 5 November 2012

Welcome to William

William on PhotoPeach


  1. We liked seeing William's first day at school. We have a little boy called William in our class. His reading book looked good. Does he have a favourite book? We like books by Julia Donaldson.

  2. To Blue Class,
    Thankyou for writing to us. We thought it is neat that you have a William in your class too.
    From Rata 4.

  3. "I like William" says Grace, Aiden, Daniel and Georgia.
    "It's a great video" says Mia and Jayden.
    "William is so good at the monkey bars, he must have been practicing!" says Charlie and Elli Jane.

    What is your favourite thing to do at school William? We think it might be learning, running or reading. We love PE, reading, drawing and learning at school.

    From Class 1 at Athersley South Primary School, UK